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About Us

Precision + Efficiency = Quality

Here at Alamo Tile & Stone, we strive to be your top choice for quality tile and stone services. With over 42 years of experience in both the residential and commercial world, we have what it takes to deliver your vision into a reality with excellent service.


Our Story

Since our establishment in 1981, Alamo Tile & Stone has remained a leading institution in the tile and stone business. We are based in Texas with offices in both San Antonio and Dallas, where we offer experienced project management, estimating, and supervision at each location. We have performed both small and major projects in every metropolitan area in Texas and throughout the United States and deliver with excellence.

Our 40+ years of experience is what has separated us from the rest. After the residential recession in the late 80's, Alamo Tile & Stone pivoted their services to commercial projects while still servicing residential work. We have remained a trusted choice for our customers despite having to bear obstacles such as economic crises and a global pandemic.

Executing projects with excellence would not have been possible without our dedicated staff. Our team of highly skilled project managers, job foremen and tradespeople have kept our goals of delivering a quality product built to last with timely completion and in budget. We have been there to complete projects starting in the early 1990s such as Fiesta Texas, Sea World, Texas Ranger Baseball Stadium to current projects such as The W Hotel in Austin, TX, Texas A&M University's Kyle Field Stadium to countertops in custom residential homes. We strive to be aggressively dedicated in our craft with any job, big or small.

Our vision of expanding has been triumphant and we continue to innovate projects with The Countertop Shop; our residential portion to our customers and a leader in this market. This new branding of stone and related surfacing materials was created to provide the homeowner with information and facts about their different options in order to help them make an informed decision about their vision.

We will continue to be a force in the commercial market and bring along our experience, knowledge and skills to The Countertop Shop. The quality and work performed by the integrity of the men and women who work for Alamo Tile and Stone and the value of what we present to our customers is what makes us your provider of choice for your project needs.


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